Our Story is Simple.

Nestled on a rural route in Tennessee, back in the early '40s, the family of Bennys was born. Grandpa Benny owned Benson's Grocery and Gas. It was a place where locals could get their goods: groceries, tobacco and farm supplies. Folks would stop by to say hi, share a swig of moonshine and listen to music. There was always something to eat, and it was always made from scratch.


Southern hospitality has stood the test of time, from Moonshine Benny to the ever-present Pizza Benny.  Born with pride and steeped in tradition, Centerville Pizza and BBQ began operation on June 1st, 2010 with Robert Benson aka "Pizza Benny" as the proprietor.

Centerville Pizza and BBQ is about community, a place locals call their own.  It's about tradition, like pizza dough made from scratch, the best toppings, homemade sauces and signature sides made from real family recipes!

And then there is the music.  Music has been an influence since the early days of Grandpa Benny picking at his banjo.  Today your neighborhood pizzeria shares those same influences, with made-from-scratch freshness and all sorts of music memorabilia to look at and talk about.

And the radio is always on.  Just like the old days...

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