Happy Mothers Day!          May 2018

Monthly Specials

- Pizza of the Month - 

Grandma Inzitari's Alredo Chicken Pizza! - Another staff-inspired Pizza!
It starts with a family tradition Alredo Sauce (Handed down by generations ) Fresh Spinach, Grilled Chicken,  Cheese, Mushroom and Tomato!
You're gonna love this Pizza!

- For a Limited Time-

Try our new Caribbean Jerk Wing Sauce
Maple Bacon Wing Sauce

Both are a Home-Run!

Pepperoni Lovers

Loaded w/ our premium sliced Pepperoni, our chopped Pepperoni and Extra Cheese!
If you love pepperoni, you can't go wrong with the Pepperoni Lovers!

Name your Combo!

Benny's Daily Double: 2 Medium Pizzas (Up to 5 toppings between them) for just $19.99

Family Combo: 2 Large Pizzas (Up to 5 toppings between them) for just $24.99